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Making a House a Home: DIY Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations were the first (tied with the stained concrete floor project) on the to-do list for my new home. As most DIY renovations go, these projects occurred about the same time for convenience and budget’s sake. My fellow hostesses and mother hens out there know the value of a spacious kitchen. This room is […]

Making a House a Home: Renovations on a DIY Budget

No doubt about it, taking on your own home renovations makes the result much more rewarding–as long as your DIY methods are successful. Half the battle, though, is deciding which products and techniques to implement from so many articles and experts that each tell you differently. To clarify, I’m absolutely not an expert on home […]

Anyone Home? Tales of a Neglected Blog.

…Hello? Anyone home? Knock, knock. No, this isn’t a joke. It’s really me, writing a blog post that is half a sheepish apology and half a letter from a long-lost-friend playing catch-up. So first things first, speaking of homes, I bought a new one at the beginning of the year! And, true to form, I […]


Show of hands: how many of us love freebies? If you kept your hands at your side saying no, I’m questioning your honesty, possibly your humanity. For the rest of us (normal) folks, the price tag of free often makes gadgets and gizmos aplenty even more attractive. To prove how normal it is, there’s a […]

Forget the Regrets: Give Them A Rose Now

Although it isn’t the most common expression, you may have been told that while someone is alive you should “give them a rose.” Similarly, Proverbs 3:7 states “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due…”  Have you ever wished you told someone you cared for them, whether you were close and knew […]