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It Gets Worse (Sometimes)

All it took was one look at him, and I was smiling and blushing. I know, this sounds like a typical start to a predictable, sappy love story, but it’s even better than that, people. I smiled because his sign said “cheer up, it only gets worse.” I blushed because I felt convicted. Up until […]

Made in Morocco (Pt. 4) Recapping My Two Week Tour

We are on the latter half of this recap, folks! I hope you’ve all enjoyed my journal entries thus far. Out of all 15 days of this tour through Morocco, those mentioned in this post are the most dear to me. I think you’ll understand why. Day 9 – Ait Benhaddou It took us longer […]

Made in Morocco (Pt. 3): Recapping My Two Week Tour

I know, I know…this recap is taking me forever. But really, I’ve only been back for 2 months! Cut me some slack–I WILL get you all through this safe, sound, and satisfied. Day 5 – Midelt Our drive from Fes that morning was a gorgeous one up through the Middle Atlas mountains. Higher altitude fog […]

Made in Morocco (Pt. 2): Recapping My Two Week Tour

Day 3 – Meknes, Volubilis, & Fes Meknes wasn’t as truly a memorable day or location compared to others on our agenda. Not that it wasn’t worth seeing. The morning found me temporarily alone with my included breakfast of yogurt, eggs, bread (duh), olives and coffee, for which I’d figured out finally to order black […]

Made in Morocco: Recapping My Two Week Tour

Why Morocco? Of all the many questions I’ve received about my recent trip, that’s the most common. A very close second, of course, is “what was your favorite part?” And while I still don’t have a direct answer for that one yet, maybe you will by the time I conclude the recap of my two […]