Printable Prompts: 30 Days of Gratitude

Join me this month in cultivating a grateful heart and maintaining an attitude of gratitude with these 30 day printable gratitude prompts!

Printable Prompts: 30 Days of Gratitude
Count your blessings to make your blessings count! 30-Day Gratitude Prompts

Here we are almost halfway through another year, fast approaching my 32nd birthday, and I find myself reflecting on 2022 thus far.

Although they've been a whirlwind, the past few months established precious memories. There were many frustrations sprinkled in, as well.

I'd be a big, fat liar if I told you those irritants hadn't gotten to me a few times. The truth is, I didn't always go to bed with my mind focused on what I was grateful for, or what was going smoothly at the moment. No, it often raced with tomorrow's to-do lists and anxious prayers.

Of course, that's normal. Even the most optimistic of us remove our rose-colored glasses once in a while.

But I feel compelled to express my gratitude with greater emphasis. I know in my heart that if I just count my blessings, my blessings will double their count.

In other words, the more we are actively, outwardly grateful for, the more we become aware of what else we love and appreciate in our lives.

Did you know, cultivating a grateful heart is not only scientifically proven to give good health, it's also a scriptural commandment?

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." - 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV)

When we intentionally maintain an attitude of gratitude, we can experience health benefits like decreased bodily inflammation, improved sleep, greater resilience, and overall increased life satisfaction.

Not only does all the above sound like a great way to live, I just want to be known as someone who resists complaining. I'd like to spread genuine positivity.

The 30 Day Gratitude Prompts

Admittedly, it's been quite some time since I journaled regularly. That's why I wanted to put together another 30-day challenge.

I commandeered my husband the design student to collaborate with me on this project. I couldn't be happier with how these 30 day printable gratitude prompts turned out!

We didn't want the designs to overpower the page. While art can be inspiring, these graphics were only meant to accommodate your written words.

Similar to the prayer prompts I shared back in November, these daily gratitude journal prompts are free to all subscribers to download or print at home.

And while June is a great month to start, halfway through the year and all, you can use these printable prompts in any month. Since there are only 30 days in June, I included a "Bonus Day" at the end.

Here's just a few samples for this month's gratitude journal prompts. The full 30-day printout is available below.

Examples of the Gratitude Journal Prompt layout and designs!

Remember, you don't have to be a poetic writer.

Much like a prayer, these prompts are only intended to get you thinking, reflecting, and expressing your inner gratitude. No one else is going to read these sheets unless you want them to.

Write whatever comes to mind and observe how your mood shifts, or how you may even act upon your words throughout the day.

Even if the coming days and weeks have just as much frustrations as any other month, may your heart be more attuned to look for the blessings in disguise.

Click the red arrow below to get started on your 30-Day Gratitude Prompts!

Happy writing!