Anyone Home? Tales of a Neglected Blog.

Anyone Home? Tales of a Neglected Blog.

…Hello? Anyone home?

Knock, knock.

No, this isn’t a joke. It’s really me, writing a blog post that is half a sheepish apology and half a letter from a long-lost-friend playing catch-up.

So first things first, speaking of homes, I bought a new one at the beginning of the year!

And, true to form, I wasted no time personalizing it, AKA tearing it apart from the ground up.

I won’t go into too many details in this post–I just wanted to explain my absence. You all deserve that much, at least!

In an extremely short amount of time, I went from owning my first little home to becoming the landlord of it. Then I moved into and immediately started renovations on a new home.

I didn’t see the point of getting settled and set up only to have to rearrange everything again for a remodel. So I cracked my knuckles and started scheming.

Thus began my excursions to Home Depot.

My Amazon searches were endless and indecisive. My Pinterest boards, though full of potential, were laced with fears of the unknown.

I wanted, needed, to DIY it all as much as possible, but I absolutely doubted my own abilities.

Any homeowner knows house projects are never-ending and home improvement ideas just keep coming.

But to some extent, you eventually have to get organized and actually enjoy your home.

A house is for living in, not just showing off, after all.

For anyone interested, I’ll be sharing specifics regarding methods, costs, and brands in my upcoming posts, as well as the lessons I learned not only about the renovations, but about myself along the way.

Again, I’m so sorry to keep you all hanging the past several months. I plan to make it up to all of you soon.

Stay tuned!