Being Between

Dibble, dabble,
You have to touch and taste;
Try it all, but just a little,
You have plenty of time to waste.
Get just enough of Eden
To dismiss the guilt of wrong;
To soothe the blisters from
The iron chains of Babylon.
Let the minstrel lull you,
Til you’re in the world’s embrace;
And you go waltzing, twirling,
Uncontrolled, and hurling—
Lost in a dizzy spell—
While the tune you’re dancing to,
Is the same one played in Hell.
Held captive of glittery things
You’ll find out far too late
An arrow clipped your wings.
A slave to what you thought
Was well hidden;
All due to a craving 
For what was forbidden.
Lukewarm, uncommitted,
There’s no joy in a heart
That is deceived to believe
It can remain in between.