CD Release

My good friends, The Loveall Family have just released their fourth and all original album A Pilgrim’s Journey!

Click their name and album title to open a new window and view their Facebook page and get a copy of their latest CD. I’m just helping spread the word; these kids have talent!

The Loveall Family; from left: Maria, Rachel, Joshua, and Andrew

This family has been a tremendous example of godliness and how a family should treat each other. Even more, they care less to be on a stage displaying their talents and more so to be an encouragement and let the Lord use the gifts He has bestowed to them.

I am SO honored to say they have given life to some lyrics I wrote for them years ago and included two of my songs on this release.

All I can pray is that these, along with all of their other works, will be a blessing to all who hear. 🙂

You won’t be disappointed!