Christmas in a Different Light

Most historians have agreed, December 25 really isn’t Christ’s day of birth; the day was a pagan celebration which was eventually adopted by the Church. (click any of the links to see three different articles about this topic)

Really, no one knows exactly when He was born. He came humbly and unexpectedly.

However, all facts and history aside–all commercialism and unnecessary stress pushed away–I respect that at the core of this holiday, most of the world pauses to recognize the Reason for the season.

Colorful vases on my fireplace mantle.
I could never get tired of these.

Decorations, good food, and happy tunes don’t replace or do justice for what God did for us approximately 2,000 years ago.

No, I’m not a Grinch or a Scrooge.

I enjoy summing up my year by spending it with loved ones and showing them how much I appreciate them through baked goods, homemade gifts, and get-togethers.

This is a time to share laughter and memories and create stronger bonds with those we love and cherish; it’s a time to thank God for all He has blessed us with and the many ways He has been our Provider throughout the year.

After all, the best part of Christmas is knowing the babe in a manger grew up to be our Savior. He isn’t still there crying. He’s wearing a crown now.

He was a gift to us, since the greatest gift He gave was the only thing He possessed on this earth: His life.

Like my pastor said this morning, the real meaning of Christmas isn’t just about the birth of Christ, then, in the past, but about His birth in many a Christian’s heart today, right now (Colossians 3:16).

May we not only accept His gift, but may we in turn give our souls back to Him to dwell with us and in us until He returns.

God bless you and all you hold dear this wonderful season and in the new year to come!

Decorating with the dog turned into decorating him instead. Samson puppy = Mama’s helper.