Five Phoenix Photographers You Should Be Following

Five Phoenix Photographers You Should Be Following

Despite everything 2020 cancelled or postponed, love and togetherness are still triumphant, and Phoenix photographers are still here for it.

The season for weddings, school pictures, and family holiday cards quickly approaches. During these uncertain times, documenting such memories is important as ever.

Even if it means masks or reduced crowds, society is tired of putting off life and its celebrations. Likewise, small businesses and entrepreneurs are ready to salvage what remains of the year.

What a testament to the resilience of mankind! We shift, and we adjust. We fix what’s broken, and we function as best we can. But this pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone.

Whether you’re in need of a photographer for an upcoming event or you’d just prefer to scroll through aesthetic pictures of happy couples and cuddly babies instead of the negativity that is 2020, check out these five Phoenix photographers below!

Wedding, engagement, and elopement photographers

Kaylee Chelsea Photography

Dynamic wedding duo, Kaylee and Andy with Kaylee Chelsea Photography are a special breed of humans. They’re married, they work together, and they actually enjoy it!

Within a super short time, Kaylee’s hobby as a Phoenix photographer practically went viral. Their business was featured by several big name magazines, including The New York Times, BHLDN, and Style Me Pretty, just to name a few.

Behind the cameras, however, you’ll be relieved to meet an easy-going, ready-to-laugh couple who loves connecting with other couples. As their site declares, they want to be more than just “those guys who shot [your] wedding.”

They’ve mastered an ethereal, dreamy, yet natural style of photography. “Influenced by our southwest roots, we are drawn to capturing the fullness of light. Our greatest desire is to create a calm and uplifting space that allows for at-ease, organic moments, not stiff performance-based posing.”

While many Phoenix photographers prefer to stay within city limits, Kaylee and Andy embrace adventure. In state or beyond the borders, along urban streets or secluded on a dramatic mountainside, this couple will follow wherever your hearts lead!

Get in touch soon to start planning your perfect day!

Kaylee Chelsea Photography specializes in couple and wedding photography sessions
Wind and Sky Photography

Since it really is a small world, I came in contact with Arianna’s Wind and Sky Photography page randomly on Instagram. Not long afterward, I discovered we were both in the BANGS Shoes community as well.

Hailed from the Pacific Northwest, Arianna is a wedding and adventure elopement photographer. But she’s so much more than that!

She researches the best photo shoot spots. She officiates wedding ceremonies when needed. If a wedding party is absent, she’s not above fixing hair and attaching various accessories. Needless to say, Arianna can pretty much do it all.

“I capture people getting married any way they want to!” Whether that’s a big Sedona wedding with all the trimmings and every loved one in attendance, a simple vow reading atop a Flagstaff mountain, or something in between.

However, although she is a Phoenix photographer, Arianna is open to traveling to out-of-state locations, too.

“One of the few bright sides to 2020 is that I’ve been able to help my couples adapt and enjoy smaller, more intimate wedding days – both in backyard ceremonies and epic locations!”

Arianna’s photography style mixes the warm and softened edges of vintage film with modern finesse. “My focus is on capturing REAL moments with REAL emotions attached. If my photos can give that feeling over and over again for years to come, I know I did my job.”

She’s currently booking 2021 weddings and elopements now, so send her a message here to lock down your date!

Mark Nelson Photography

Did you know traditional film photographers still exist?

There aren’t many, mind you. But of all the Phoenix photographers I know, Mark Nelson still holds true to the almost forgotten art. And that’s exactly what it is to him, too.

The graininess that affirms authenticity, the dramatic shading depicted in monochromatic tones, and the just-right angles with just the the right amount of light–traditional film photography, while more time-consuming, definitely requires more dexterity and an artistic eye than digital photography.

From time to time, I actually work with Mark as an assistant. I can say firsthand this man takes his job seriously. He prefers to be the fly on the wall, capturing candid moments and observing every detail. By now, Mark has it down to a science. He never fails to produce spectacular work.

“Couples have told me my style of photography is classic and elegant while my presence at your event is nearly invisible.”

After spending over a decade photographing New York weddings, Mark journeyed to the southwest for a change of scenery. While he still shoots weddings in the Greater Phoenix area, and the occasional fine art portrait or two, he’s most recently involved with real estate.

Keep in mind, for efficiency sake, Mark does sometimes work with digital cameras. Although his heart will always be with traditional film, he is capable of meeting your needs and preferences and often combines both.

Looking to sell a home? Need a headshot for a professional business card? Want a different touch to your wedding?

If it’s a timeless and unique look you’re going for, drop Mark Nelson a line today to get started!

Mark Nelson’s Instagram profile showcases his professional handiwork in real estate photography, styled portraits, headshots, and wedding snaps
Lifestyle and Portrait Photography

Portrait photographer and all around beautiful soul, Leah with Leah Hope Photography is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet.

If I had to describe Leah’s personality in one word, it would be effervescent. Which is probably why she’s such a great photographer!

Taking pictures of families, children, and awkward teenagers takes more than photography skill. In fact, it requires an equally authentic and captivating person to both relax the subject and stimulate them to bring out their most authentic self.

Creative in all aspects, Leah uses “bold and vibrant edits with true to life colors…I don’t want the focus to be on a trendy or outdated edit.” This girl doesn’t shy away from color. I love her for that.

Choosing to stay true to her passion and not conform to any one kind of portrait photography, Leah offers a variety of services. Each of her sessions are carefully planned and priced with multiple options. The best part? Turnaround time is lightning fast (within 2 weeks!).

Whether you need a smile, a friend to get coffee with, or an actual photographer, connect with Leah today to get all three!

Leah Hope Photography offers sessions for maternity, graduation, family portraits, and more!
Newborn Photography

Mother of twins, Amber, with Two Peas In a Pod Photography, has a special talent and place in her heart for newborns. She could probably tell you every swaddled infant that’s come into her studio.

Considering she’s photographed over 300 newborns in the past decade, that’s saying something!

Humble, down-to-earth, and full of joy, Amber’s photography is a direct reflection of her character. Each photo depicts a soft, warm glow which captures that fleeting, precious time with your newborn.

With a studio stocked with props like hats and headbands, vintage decor, and a variety of setups, Amber patiently creates moments that are nothing short of magical.

“I love creating a unique custom session that fits your home decor, nursery or personal interest. Family heirlooms or homemade gifts are always welcome. I do my best to incorporate them in a creative way. “

Versatile to best fit your needs, Amber will meet you in the Arizona desert, in the comfort of your own home, at her studio, or right in the hospital.

In fact, there’s even a Location Bucket List category on her page, for those wanting something out of the ordinary!

Reach out to her soon to schedule a family or newborn photography session. She can’t wait to meet you all!

Amber of Two Peas in a Pod Photography, doing what she does best!

Final Word

In summation, each of the above Phoenix photographers come highly recommended by yours truly, with no direct gain to myself.

I have either met or known each of them either mutually or personally. With many of them, I’ve delightfully watched their passions bloom then flourish.

I understand we live in a rather large, expanded city. While there are so many Phoenix photographers to choose from, I hope you consider one of these local artists the next time you need pictures taken for any reason!