Our Favorite Healthy Road Trip Snacks (Just in Time for Prime Day!)

To protect your wallet, appease your appetite, and satisfy the “are-we-there-yet” munchies, consider these personally tested, healthy road trip snacks!

Our Favorite Healthy Road Trip Snacks (Just in Time for Prime Day!)

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Yes, there are healthy road trip snacks that taste good, too. Trust me on this. We're giving you the inside scoop, and just in time for Amazon Prime Day!

Most of us take road trips to save money, right? My husband and I saved a lot of money road-tripping through Utah for our honeymoon.

But while new restaurants and local cuisine is all part of vacay mode, we’d rather not dump all our saved cash into greasy highway diners and drive-thru junk food.

That doesn’t mean we have to content ourselves solely with fruits and veggies. Such items only last a short while in a hot vehicle or bouncing around in a cooler. And I would never expect anyone in their right mind to live off protein bars, either.

To protect your wallet, appease your appetite, and satisfy the “are-we-there-yet” munchies, check out these personally tested, healthy road trip snacks!

Universal Bakery Organic Aussie Bites

Call them cookies for your kids' sake if you must. With only 8 grams of sugar, zero trans fats, plenty of Omega-3s, and fiber, these Aussie Bites are a road trip necessity!

If you plan on hiking along your road trip route, these are especially great to replenish your energy and satiate your appetite until your next meal.

Because I happen to love how they taste cold, I store these in my freezer. But they will stay fresh for a while if they are sealed. If they do heat up, they may become a bit crumbly, but no harm done!

Packed with organic everything and gluten free*, these hearty snacks can be found at Costco, Walmart, or Amazon.

*Please note, however, these are not made in a certified gluten free environment. If you’re very sensitive, you might have to miss out (I will cry tears for you).


Any potato chip addicts out there? My hand is raised. For me, it’s not about the grease, but the salty crunch.

Thank goodness, there is a healthy alternative.

Made from dehydrated, non-GMO sprouted mung beans, this vegan protein snack is easier on digestion and more satiating than processed foods. These little guys are also naturally gluten free and nut free so those with allergies can munch in peace.

Crunchsters come in four different flavors: Sea Salt, Balsamic, Beyond Bacon, and BBQ. I like them all, but my favorite to eat plain is the BBQ.

While they are great by the handful, salads are immediately improved if topped with these instead of croutons! For other ideas on consuming or serving them, check out their recipes page.

I originally found Crunchsters at my local Sprouts snack aisle. But Amazon has the 1 oz. variety packs, or you can purchase in bulk directly from their site and get free shipping on $39+ orders.

Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes

Once upon a wonderful time, Costco carried dark chocolate covered mangoes in their snack section. I have searched to no avail for these golden nuggets in every Costco Warehouse, including online.

Thankfully, Amazon still carries the Kirkland brand (see link below). So, skip the long checkout lines at Costco and add these treats to your cart on Prime Day instead!

These are given the healthy stamp because there are no added ingredients. Truly, the 1 lb. bag only contains dried mangoes dipped in pure dark chocolate. Last the experts concluded, dark chocolate is totally good for you (in moderation)!

The only downside to taking them on your road trip is they could melt if left in a hot car.

Darn! Guess you’ll have to eat them all right away.

OH SNAP! Pickle Cuts

Did you know pickles are some of the healthiest snacks ever? By default, most traditional dill pickles are fat free and gluten free.

But OH SNAP! takes the pickling business one step higher. Made from non-GMO veggies and seasoned with all natural spices like garlic, onion, and dill, these always-crunchy pickle bites make the ultimate healthy road trip snacks.

If you don’t feel like ordering in bulk from Amazon, there’s a good chance you will find these pouches at a gas station like Love’s.

Of course, warm pickle bites really aren't ideal, so try to keep them in a cooler if you somehow resist eating them all in one sitting.

Feel like trying something new? OH SNAP! also offers individually pickled and packaged carrots, snap peas, and green beans.

Duke's Shorty Sausages

One can only eat so much jaw-cramping jerky on a road trip. Flossing while driving isn't exactly the safest activity.

If you want just as much savory, satisfying protein while on the road, Duke’s short sausages get two thumbs up from us.

With 7 grams of protein for every two links, no MSG, gluten, or nitrites, and less than 1 gram of added sugar, you are guaranteed a guilt-free, healthy road trip snack!

While the original hickory smoked flavor is amazing, the Hatch Green Chile and Cajun Andouille sausage flavors are also mouthwatering.

Bonus tip: eat these with cheese cubes (also from Love’s station) and OH SNAP! pickle slices. It's like car-cuterie. Get it?

Nuttzo Nut Butter

Creamy peanut butter lovers, hear me out! I generally defer to creamy nut butters, myself. But while there is a smooth version of NuttZo, the crunchy, paleo, peanut-free spread is my jam, so to speak.

Born from a mother’s attempt to replenish her malnourished adopted sons (more here), NuttZo nut butters are free of the bad and full of the good.

Every NuttZo power fuel jar includes a blend of seven healthy nuts and seeds. Each recipe is gluten free, kosher, BPA free (the jar, of course), keto-friendly, and void of added sugar.

One container is a bit costly, but it's still cheaper than eating out! I've also found this at Costco recently for much cheaper than online or regular grocery stores.

Nuttzo is available in little to-go pouches, too. Spread it on apple slices or crackers for a tasty and healthy road trip snack!

Blue Diamond Snacking Almonds

Granted, nuts contain a lot of saturated fat. Contrary to common belief, saturated fats are not the devil and are extremely healthy for us. However, we don’t need a lot to meet our daily intake.

Still, they far outweigh the trans fats from chips. Thus, Blue Diamond almonds definitely qualify as healthy road trip snacks.

As usual, Amazon and Blue Diamond’s website carry more flavors than you will likely find in store.

Our favorite flavors are from the “bold’ category: Spicy Dill Pickle, Sweet Thai Chili, Wasabi Soy, and Habanero BBQ. Admittedly, these also come with more calories. Stick to the Smokehouse or simply salted flavors if you’d rather play it safe.

If you like to mix things up, I highly suggest this variety pack found on Amazon.

Ka'Chava Meal Replacement Shakes

I’m always hesitant to try a meal replacement shake. Most taste terrible. Or, they taste great but only due to the added junk, which defeats the purpose of a supposed healthy shake.

But I have no regrets about drinking Ka’Chava shakes.

Packed with plant-based proteins, adaptogens, antioxidants, omega fats and fibers, and 15+ super greens, this meal replacement shake leaves me satisfied, subdues my cravings, and is uber convenient when I’m in a rush.

I’m more into the chocolate flavor, but the vanilla is surprisingly good as well. Read the full ingredients list for both flavors here. They have nothing to hide!

But how does this make my list of healthy road trip snacks?

Well, as long as you have a Blender Bottle or something similar, all you need to do is pack some shake mix for the days you’ll be gone. Then, just add water, shake it up, and BOOM, you’re fed.

Get $15 off your first order with this code!

HU Kitchen: Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Snacks

So far, this brand is the most consistent in their promise to keep products clean.

They don’t add sugars, or even sugar alcohols. You won’t find any filler starches that a lot of gluten free products throw in to make for cheaper processing. None of their products contain dairy, grain, soy, gelatin, or so-called vegetable oils.

As far as healthy road trip snacks go, you can’t go wrong with HU Kitchen's products. You won’t have to worry about overdoing your daily carb intake, either.

Purchase bulk bundles from their site or shop on Amazon for slightly cheaper prices.

Choose from real cacao chocolate bars, one of three flavors of crackers, or try their new mini cookies.

Healthy Road Trip Snacks – Homemade Options

Of course, if you are really trying to save money, you could make your own healthy road trip snacks ahead of time.

Items like homemade granola bars or sourdough bread don’t need to be kept in a cooler and can easily last the duration of your trip.

If stored in a cooler, other fresh foods that last a bit longer include string cheese, chicken salad, hard-boiled eggs, chopped celery or carrots, apples, or mandarin cuties. None of these will break the bank and they will keep you satisfied between meals.

See? Your summer road trip does not have to mean your diet plan’s demise! Before you head down the snack aisle in despair, dreading the filler calories to come, I hope you consider these nutritious options instead.

We wish you all happy and healthy summer travels!