Meet the Author: Why I Chose a Lifestyle Blog

My feelings run deep and my thoughts run rampant, but they don’t come out as easily from my tongue as they do in the transfer from brain to paper.

Meet the Author: Why I Chose a Lifestyle Blog
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Although I’ve maintained this little blog for some time and it’s received a few facelifts over the years, I think it might be time I introduce myself.

If you’re new and unfamiliar with this page, you may have questions. Who is this girl? Why does she write? What kind of blog is this?

I also constantly ask myself these questions! So, let’s start November with some transparency.

About Me

Gosh, this feels like the first day of school. Giving the teacher a personality snapshot so they can decide if they’ll like me for the school year or not. But I’m not just here to tell you my favorite color (it’s probably green).

My name is Anissa Kennedy. Until February this year, I had a maiden name. Now I have a married name and it’s still taking some adjustment. Andrew walked into my life halfway through 2018. Soon, “I” turned into “us” and there are days I actually forget there was a time we didn’t know each other.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

On a Tuesday in June, 1990, my mother birthed me on a pullout couch at home as my father caught me. Oregon pines and Pacific Ocean air raised me to the ripe age of 18. Then, I packed my blue car to capacity and drove to the desert, and it hasn’t let me go since.

College handed me an English degree as well as an unrelated, full time job with my alma mater. I count it a blessing and an obvious sign God wanted me to stick around this state.

Christ claimed me at a young age. Like any young person, I had my wayward days. But my faith in God has truly been my rock. I don’t like to call myself religious. For me, Christianity isn’t a cap I wear when it’s convenient or cool. I’m not without my struggles and complexes but I pray Jesus is the reason I do everything, and that everything I do is overlaid and interwoven with my love for Him.

There isn’t much I don’t like to do. Hobbies and interests are added to my to-do list on a regular basis.

I’m a dog mom, an avid traveler, a homemaker, a DIY-er (mostly because I’m too cheap, but also because I like a good challenge), a reader, a yes-person, a list maker, a nature enthusiast, a side hustler, lover of athletics, and a social butterfly.

But the one itch I can never quite scratch—the one desire I can never quite discard—is writing.

Why Writing?

My voice isn’t the kind to command attention or draw an audience. Along with 90% of the population, I dislike public speaking. Which is why I have always felt more comfortable hiding behind a pen.

My feelings run deep and my thoughts run rampant, but they don’t come out as easily from my tongue as they do in the transfer from brain to paper.

So many big moments in my life have been initiated or defined by the written word. Books captivated me at a young age. An angsty, winning, published poem turned me into an addict. The university journalism club gave me a voice and a Spiritually Speaking column. Essays simultaneously ate away at my sleep and made me overcome writer’s block during grad school. I found my husband through a social media journal prompt.

And this blog, this little atom in the vast cyberspace, is where I remind myself that I am a creative person, whether I feel like it or not.

The Purpose of this Blog

In all honesty, I chose to categorize this site as a Lifestyle blog because I didn’t want to limit myself.

I know, I know, niche is best. According to all the people who’ve “made it,” specific is the way to go. But I’m a Jill of all trades. I’m not an expert on any one thing because that’s boring!

Between you and me, if I absolutely had to pick just one dream theme, I’d be a travel writer. I’ve visited some amazing places and the urge to just go again and again is a real fire in my gut. I don’t suspect I’ll ever curb that craving entirely.

But, hey, I also live in the real world. I have a real job, a cosmetically-challenged home, and people who demand my money.

My assumption is, if you’re still here, you do, too. You probably like variety and wear many costumes, just like me.

So, instead of pretending to be the omniscient travel guide (my boss reads these and she knows exactly how much PTO I have), you will see a conglomeration of everyday life posts. I’ll share my personal favorites. I’ll write about an experience, local or foreign. I’ll give tips and pour out my heart and talk about what irks me and be as authentic as I can be.

Expect to read lifestyle posts that could potentially involve travel, food, DIY home projects, neat gadgets, discount codes, relationships, and spiritual and emotional insights.

Occasionally, I’ll even create something purely for your enjoyment or enrichment.

Latest Project and Post

For the month of November, I have designed printable prayer prompts for a 30 Day Prayer Challenge. These are completely free for anyone who subscribes to my blog (which is also completely free).

Whether you’re like me and prefer to write out your prayers to stay focused, or you often forget what you wanted to bring to God in conversation, I hope these daily prompts inspire your heart-to-heart sessions with the Maker.

Many people try a gratitude journal during the Thanksgiving month, which is also cool. I hope you do that, too! I just feel that if there’s anything we need more and could never have too much of, it’s prayer.

In my 31 and a half years of life experience, prayer has held many forms but is always powerful. I’ve cried my prayers, written my prayers, prayed silently, and prayed out loud with authority. All of it works; it’s all effective.

I want to create a space for my readers and friends to feel safe and supported.

While my comments section is currently under construction, please know you can reach out to me and submit prayer requests on my social pages (IG = @missaniss._).

Have a wonderful week and a blessed, prayerful, holiday month!