My Mama

It took me far too long to realize how cool my mom is.

I still can’t decide if it’s because we’re so alike or so different, or maybe the right combination of both, but we had a hard time getting along for a time when I was younger. Maybe most girls can relate to this stage of life, I’m not sure.

Thankfully, though, that is no longer the case for our relationship. Oh sure, we still bicker here and there like family members are supposed to do, and we both share a common stubbornness too.

With Sonora the Bald Eagle, Verde Canyon Railroad, April 2013

 But I prayed many times, and I am sure she did as well, that we could be closer and understand each other better.

That prayer has been answered.

I don’t think I have ever appreciated her more in my entire life; it’s a shame it has taken me this long.

When she is here with me, there are few days she does not get up and make a nutritious and always satisfying breakfast and/or lunch for me. My health and well-being is her greatest concern.

She gladly keeps my dog, Samson, company while I’m away. She cheers me on and brags about my accomplishments to others.

She sincerely loves the Lord and His Word; I’m honored to sit with her in church and hear her praising Him right along with me.

Verde Canyon Railroad, April 2013

My mother is undeniably the most knowledgeable person I know–and the way she uses this knowledge to transform other people’s lives is incredible.

I enjoy a good laugh with her at least once every day. She really has the most youthful spirit and sense of humor.

Oh, and did I mention, she’s beautiful and stylish? You would never guess her age (and I shall not expose it here). Honestly, people have asked if we are sisters.

Bottom line is, my mom is now one of my closest friends. I’m so thankful for the conversation we are able to share and the moments where we are able to learn just a little bit more of each other that we missed out on knowing all those years ago.

She’s sacrificed so much so that I could have a comfortable life, and has given motherhood her very best shot even when she wasn’t exactly sure what to do–because really, what parent really does?

May 11, 2014

Yes, she is flawed like we all are, but I would defend her to no end.

At the end of the day she is my Mama, and I am convinced God gave me the most special one He could find.