Our Mission: To Boldly Go Where Neither of Us Had Gone Before

No, we are not Star Trek junkies (only know the one line, sorry). But we are into amazing adventures and new experiences.

Star Wars is better anyway…

Hence, Emily’s and my first journey to sunny San Diego involved many firsts and bucket list check offs. 
On our agenda: Knott’s Berry Farm, Old Town San Diego, SeaWorld, and the musical “Fiddler on the Roof” at Coronado Island’s Lamb’s Players Theatre
The latter was quite impressive–shame on me for going through life without watching the story in any form of production before! If you haven’t, rent the movie or find a show near you. It’s classic. 

Happy Dolphins in SeaWorld’s Blue Horizons Show
The priceless in-betweens enhancing these destinations: pictures with random people, a message in a bottle, flaunting flouncy beach hats, hopping on the hotel bed (more satisfaction than you can imagine), feeding our bellies to the brim, and screaming at the top of our lungs at the top of giant roller coasters. 

Funny stunt show cowboys at Knott’s
We are both the type to search every crack and cranny and turn every stone in search of memory-making material. If we were gamers, you’d call us experts at the process.  

No matter what, we know how to have fun…and we know how to eat good too. Vacation just isn’t right without trying the local originals and favorite flavors. Recommended eats: Fred’s Mexican Cafe and the LivingRoom, both located in Old Town; also, the Burger Lounge we came across on Coronado Island, featuring inexpensive grass-fed beef burgers with delicious homemade thousand island dressing.

To-die-for Shrimp and Carnitas Tacos at Fred’s Mexican Cafe
Samson and Emily taking a treat break
“That’s mah boat.”

Just beware if you’re going to the beach on Coronado Island and you have a dog, Fido is only allowed at the furthest point of sand located right next to the military base. Where I grew up, you just take your dog to the beach, and that’s that.

Yes, I littered for the sake of nostalgia.
You’ll get over it.
Xcelerator, the ride which kept closing on us and
never let us take the plunge
Kite-flying also isn’t allowed. Might be too distracting to the practicing pilots roaring their jet planes overhead, I suppose.
So no kite-flying dogs or dogs flying kites, you got it?
Other than that minor confusion, we had a jolly great time. We are already excited to plan another one ASAP to Who-Cares-Where. It’s the trek and the company, not just the destination,  which make for splendid outings. 
Oh, but someone needs to tell California to get it together with their highway systems and road paving crews. I performed too many illegal u-turns and almost feel guilty about it. 

Coronado Island, San Diego