Resurrection Poetry

Found these poems stored away from years ago and decided it was time they were shared. Isn’t it amazing what God can accomplish in 3 days? He has risen! Blessings to you all…

You came down to pay the price,

which was the debt upon my head,
The contract paper, You signed it “Christ,”
Then bore the suffering in my stead
Upon Your death, I was made free
You took the key—unlocked my chains,
Thus granting me the Victory
And with Your blood, You bleached my stains
I bear Your cross; I bear no shame
You walk before me, leading the way,
All evil underfoot in the power of Your name
No matter the hurricane, in Your hand I stay
I know that with You I will never fail
Love, above all, shall eternally prevail.

A love we cannot comprehend;
A grace that took my heart to mend;
Blood-stained and battered—
Like a valiant soldier—
Love conquered my enemies;
Love slew death.

You didn’t say a word,
When death was pleasurable to pain.
You did not curse a soul,
When your blood mixed with the rain.
You did not spit back at them,
When they jeered and hated blindly.
You forgave them instantly,
Although they judged unkindly.
You did not die in vain,
Your sacrifice made my bail.
You said to do the same for others
Because Love would never fail.

Pacific City, Oregon