Score Birthday Freebies & Deals for Your Entire Birthday Month!

If your big day is coming up, check the list below for cooperating brands. You don’t want to miss any well-deserved birthday freebies or deals!

Score Birthday Freebies & Deals for Your Entire Birthday Month!

Our birthday months are back-to-back, which means we double-up on birthday freebies and discounts this time of year. After enjoying a month of birthday freebies for the hubby, tomorrow (June already!) starts my month-long celebration.

You already know I’m a big proponent of saving money and rarely say no to free stuff. Regardless how old I get, that’s one thing I will always get excited about. If we have to have birthdays, we might as well make them count, right?

While I've included deals for both online and in-person, keep in mind that the majority of represented brands are found locally in Phoenix, Arizona.

If your big day is coming up, check the list below for cooperating brands. You don’t want to miss any well-deserved birthday freebies or deals!

Tips on Birthday Freebies

To take full advantage of the birthday deals offered, know that most companies require you to sign up before your birthday month to qualify (technology and whatnot). Some birthday freebies might only be available through brand apps, too.

Yes, a lot of these reward programs can turn into spam emails during the rest of the year. But if you don’t want the occasional $1 off coupon or product announcement, you could always hide or unsubscribe from them until your birthday month rolls around again.

Also, don’t be shy.

If you do not see your favorite store or brand listed below, it doesn’t necessarily mean they wouldn’t offer you a discount or freebie.

The list only includes birthday freebies I personally have benefited from. I won’t pretend to be all-knowing here!

The least you can do is ask. Even if it isn’t common practice for them, they might make a special exception for you. Maybe the manager will happen to be in that day and feel generous. Or maybe they will want to bless a regular customer who stuck by them through the lockdowns last year. You never know until you inquire.

Lastly, many birthday coupons have expiration dates. They all vary, too. So you might want to star them or save them in an email folder to track them easier.

Breakfast/Brunch Places Offering Birthday Freebies and Discounts

Breakfast is something I could eat any time of day, any day of the week. Ironically enough, I rarely eat breakfast before 11 AM, though...

Biscuit’s Café

This one is strictly for Oregonians and Phoenicians.

While I’ve eaten at Biscuit’s before, I’m new to their rewards program. But, I’m already impressed.

This platform allows you to input your birthday and anniversary month. Each visit earns points. You can add up to five family members and their birthdays on your profile. Biscuit’s Café then keeps a running total of promos available along with their expiration date.

Because, obviously, we all need more reasons to brunch.


If your birthday plans involve a road trip, you might be really glad you signed up for Denny’s Rewards, since they’re open 24/7 and located at most fairly populated highway exits.

Their birthday freebie allows you to build your own Grand Slam breakfast entrée. This could consist of any combination of pancakes, eggs, breakfast meat, and hash browns. Hey, free food is free food! Breakfast is good no matter the time of day.

Einstein’s Bagels

Everyone loves their bagels, but have you tried their egg bagel sandwiches yet? If not, sign up for Einstein’s Schmear Society and get a free one for your birthday!

First Watch

Generally, I receive a coupon for a completely complimentary birthday meal, then random $2-$5 off coupons throughout the rest of the year, too. Either way, becoming a First Watch SUN ECLUB Member is totally worth it! You can use your birthday deal by calling in your order or dining in with friends to celebrate.

Their FAQ page states birthday emails are sent out about 2 weeks before your birth date. If you don’t see it within that timeframe, check your spam or junk folders, then reach out to them if it’s still MIA.

My favorite meals are either the Elevated Egg Sandwich with a gluten free bun or the Farmhouse Hash. I usually can’t resist washing it all down with their fresh Morning Meditation juice!

IHOP (International House of Pancakes)

Sign up for their MyHop rewards program and they will send you a birthday coupon for a free stack of pancakes, no other purchase required!

IHOP also offers mobile ordering and pickup to make your celebratory birthday pancake feast a convenient one.

Lunch & Dinner Birthday Freebies


Treat yo’self to a birthday teppanyaki in Scottsdale by joining Benihana’s Chef’s Table and getting a $30 certificate toward your meal!

Humble Pie

Scroll to the bottom of their page and sign up for Humble Pie’s Loyalty Rewards. You will get an email before the 1st day of your birthday month with a code and an offer for a free pizza and churro dessert!

Signed up directly from Instagram! Is your mouth watering yet?

Jason’s Deli

Every year, I look forward to $5 off a loaded salad at Jason’s Deli. Sign up for emails and they will send over your $5 birthday coupon during your birthday month.

Jersey Mike’s Subs

I tend to avoid sandwich shops, due to my avoidance of gluten and all. But Jersey Mike’s MyMike’s reward program is a notable mention. By joining their email club, you’ll earn points with every purchase and get a free sub sandwich on your birthday!

The Keg

Not so much a secret anymore, sign up for The Keg Newsletter and they’ll send you a buy one, get one entrée voucher to use during your birthday month.

Yes, that does mean you could potentially have two steak and lobster dinners for the price of one and get a free decadent dessert to go with it! Hello, date night!

Liberty Market

Located in Downtown Gilbert right next to one of our favorite live theatres in the valley, Liberty Market will apparently give you $10 off your dine-in or takeout order if you show your ID on your birthday.

RA Sushi

The Hook Up for RA Sushi is a blessing not just once but twice per year. Sign up and they’ll send you a $20 coupon to use during your birthday month AND your half-birthday month! My half-birthday so happens to be at Christmas time, so it’s tradition for my family to drive through holiday lights then feast on sushi rolls together.

The fine print on these coupons asks that they be used only during Sun-Thurs business hours. They also say dine-in only, but there’s probably some leeway with the pandemic.

Favorite menu items: Crazy Monkey Roll, Smoky Salmon Roll, and the Sashimi Salad. If raw fish isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty of teriyaki and other cooked items to choose from 😊

Also! We recently discovered RA will throw in a free dessert, too! Try the fried ice cream, it’s sinfully good and plenty to share.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Whether you prefer chicken, beef, or a meatless burger, you can get it absolutely free by creating a Red Robin Royalty account. As far as birthday freebies are concerned, this one is a super good deal. There is no purchase necessary. Simply sign up, show the staff your email or use your phone number linked to your account, and bam, free burger!

Of course, you probably won’t be able to resist buying a bottomless Freckled Strawberry Lemonade or Steak Fries. We ain’t judging!

If you decide to dine-in, don’t act too surprised if waitresses come out singing “Happy Birthday” and place an ice cream sundae in front of you. With COVID and all, that may not be a thing, but it has been in prior years!


Don’t limit yourself to Taco Tuesday! With Rubio’s Rewards program you not only get a $5 off coupon just for signing up, but a BOGO coupon for your birthday, too. Certain holidays throughout the year may also be cause for celebration (i.e. Cinco de Mayo), resulting in an array of rewards to use through your Rubio’s app or email.

I love me the Shrimp Trio (with all corn tortillas). However, the new collaboration Rubio’s X Blais Street Taco Plate also sounds incredible. I just might try it when my birthday rolls around in a few weeks.

Texas Roadhouse

While I’d totally take a whole basket of their sweet rolls and cinnamon butter over just about any menu item, Texas Roadhouse’s birthday freebies of an appetizer or sidekick of ribs is also a great way to tell yourself ‘happy birthday’. Sign up for the Texas Road VIP Club to get this birthday deal and other discounts during the year.

My go-to entrée here is the BBQ Pork Sandwich sans bun, with broccoli and loaded mashed potatoes.

Taken from my birthday email from Texas Roadhouse

Upward Projects

If you don’t recognize this name, it’s probably because you know their restaurants like Postino’s, Windsor, Churn, and Joyride Tacos instead. Join the Upward Projects Eposse and they’ll send some sort of birthday surprise for you to use at one of their restaurants.

In prior years, they also sent out an email on your sign-up anniversary. I didn’t get my free bruschetta board for Postino’s this year (all the tears), but that could have been a pandemic thing, too.

Dessert Birthday Freebies

I know this is the category you've all been waiting for. Remember, calories during your birthday week don't count!

Baskin Robbins

Join the Baskin Robbins Birthday Club to enjoy a free scoop on your birthday. Generally you have only a few days to use this deal so keep your eyes peeled!

Bobby Q’s

Bobby Q’s Private E-Club used to offer birthday deals for entrees, but now it's only a complimentary dessert. Which is great if you already plan on dining in. But I don’t find it too worth my time to drive all the way here for dessert takeout. I’ll leave that decision up to you!

Coco's Bakery

Where are my pie people at?! If you read my DIY micro wedding post, you know we served pie for our wedding instead of cake. If I have one weakness for a sweet, it's for a good slice of fruit pie.

Sign up for Coco's E-Club and they will send you a coupon for a free slice of pie on your birthday, as well as on the anniversary of your signup date.


Create a MyCulver’s account and will you get a birthday coupon for a free one-scoop sundae. Also, on the anniversary of your signup, get a free concrete mixer with purchase of a value basket.

For my free sundae, I usually go for vanilla custard with hot fudge and peanut butter sauce. Or, if you prefer something fruitier, see if they’ll give you half custard and half lemon ice, then top it with a berry of choice.

Famous Dave’s BBQ

Famous Dave’s BBQ Email Club used to offer BOGO birthday entrees, but they just offer free dessert now. Not that I’m complaining. Their dessert menu is pretty loaded. I’m just more of a savory gal; I can only have so much sweet in one week!

Coffee Shops and Cafes with Birthday Freebies

Again, this is definitely not a comprehensive list. Your favorite local, hole-in-the-wall cafe might give you a free beverage or pastry if they learn it's your birthday.

If they do, feel free to share with the class ;)

Dutch Bros.

If you have your entire birthday open with time to spare for long lines and super personal chats with college-aged baristas, why not hit up every Dutch Bros. in the valley for free birthday drinks? Within your reasonable caffeine limit, that is.

Dunkin’ Donuts

DDPerks is free to join and if you use the app or your phone number at checkout you will earn points toward future purchases. Through the program, Dunkin will send you a birthday coupon for a free medium beverage to use the week of your birthday.

Human Bean

Earning a birthday freebie from Human Bean is as simple as downloading their app. I, for one, am not a huge fan of having pages of apps downloaded on my phone.

However, as I've mentioned before, I do like Human Bean coffee. A lot. So downloading the app for my birthday month is worth that sweet sip of their Mexi Mocha.

Jamba Juice

Just in time for the hot summer months, I will be so ready to use my free small birthday smoothie at the end of June! Sign up with the Jamba Juice Reward Program and earn points for every dollar using your app or phone number with each purchase. Points add up quickly and tally to $3 off rewards, plus some random BOGOs and the birthday smoothie each year, too!

Krispy Kreme

While you once did not have to sign up with Krispy Kreme Rewards to get a free birthday donut, it looks like you do now! But you also get a free one just for signing up, too. Like all the other programs, each $1 earns a point toward future treats.

Birthday Freebies: Retail Brands

I'm not an avid shopper. But when I do shop, I like to pile on the discounts and coupons as much as possible.

Keep reading for smart, rewarding splurging.

Aerie/American Eagle

There are plenty of perks to creating a RealRewards account with Aerie and American Eagle. Yes, they send you a birthday coupon. But you also earn extra points quicker than regular customers, which add up to $5 rewards, and there are always members-only sales to take advantage of, as well.

AZ on the Rocks

So, I haven’t tried this one yet. But Andrew and I recently tried indoor climbing and really loved it. We were also super sore the next day, but what could we expect from our out-of-shape selves?

Anyway, join AZ on the Rocks Birthday Club and you’ll get a free day of climbing or yoga on or around your birthday. Sign. Me. Up.

Changing Hands Bookstore

No sign-up necessary here! Simply visit Changing Hands in-store on your birthday and get $10 off your purchase. No minimum purchase required, either!

Cobblestone Car Wash

Even if all you did was use the free birthday car wash, signing up for Cobblestone’s Reward Program would still be valuable. But you can also earn 1 point per $1 spent on any purchase and can then redeem points toward any purchase (car wash, detail service, or oil change). By signing up, you automatically receive 150 points, too!


I love this brand’s athleisure skirts. Featuring built-in leggings, zipper pockets, adjustable drawstring waistbands, breathable but opaque material, and super fun prints, I wear these skirts everywhere, but especially while playing sports and swimming.

Besides the casual black option, my favorite design is The Eve sport skirt.

Mod’s rewards program is relatively new. While it doesn’t necessarily offer any birthday freebies, it is possible you could have earned enough points from sharing your link, purchasing clothing items (1 point for every $1), or buying a group order, to treat yourself to a birthday deal!

Featuring my ModSportswear black sport skirt and @BANGSShoes

Out of Africa Wildlife Park

This attraction requires little on your part. Just bring your ID to the gate during your birthday month and you’ll get in for $10 each visit. Yes, this counts for multiple visits in the same month.


Create a Petco Pals Reward account and update your Pet Profile. Petco will send your furry friend some free treats on their birthday. Win-win!


Feel free to completely skip if you aren't interested in secondhand or thrifting.

...But if you're still reading, the Super Savers Club is free to join. Every dollar spent equals one point, 100 points means one 20% off discount, plus another 20% off coupon for your birthday. They also sound out special promotions and coupons for members-only during the rest of the year.

Speaking from experience, though, I can say Savers is the least spammy subscription service. So add that to the perks, too.

Sephora & Ulta

If beauty stuff is your thing, check out both Sephora and Ulta’s free reward programs (they do have paid tiers as well).

Admittedly, I have never shopped at either one. But I know quite a few women who rave about the free samples and gifts offered on the free membership.

Happy Birthday, fellow June babies!

Whether your birthday is this coming month or any other month, I hope this list comes in handy for you.

Everyone deserves a reason to celebrate and be celebrated. Let these birthday freebies treat you and your loved ones to some quality time!