Spiritually Speaking: Fighting With And For Love

Author Max Lucado’s daily devotional, “Grace For The Moment,” is an inspiration to me every day at work. I hope his words are as much of an encouragement to you too, especially in spite of all the tragedy in our news lately.

May 29th’s devotion, titled “Love Hates Evil,” is a reminder that God isn’t a distant, detached deity who is careless of what happens to his people while He sits back and watches the turmoil occur.

There is a time for peace. However, in order to gain it, we have to fight for it. Thus, there is a time for war too. (Ecclesiastes 3:8).

God is a warrior—a fierce force against the enemy. He will not ignore all the horror in the world; there will be an end to it, as Lucado states:

“If there is no hell, God is not just. If there is no punishment of sin, heaven is apathetic toward the rapists and pillagers and mass murderers of society. If there is no hell, God is blind toward the victims and has turned his back on those who pray for relief. If there is no wrath toward evil, then God is not love, for love hates that which is evil.”

Sure, it sounds like a contradiction, for love to hate anything. But love and hate cannot coexist together, not for long. Love always conquers evil.

Jesus proved it on Calvary: “Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins” Proverbs 10:12 (KJV).

As Lucado poignantly professes, “To say there is no hell is also to say God is a liar and his Scripture untrue. The Bible repeatedly and stoutly affirms the dualistic outcome of history. Some will be saved. Some will be lost.”

God is as much a Judge as He is the Captain of Love. According to His very words, He must bring order and rid the earth of evil.

But He isn’t going to cast a magic spell on all humanity, causing everyone to suddenly live in harmony.

Justice will be served; it is a promise. Until then, let’s keep our chins up; let’s resist the attacks with constant prayer.