Spiritually Speaking: Get Your Head In the Game

A good friend gave me these words of encouragement once while I was in a trial:

“Keep your head up. It’s ‘bout that time when you take the ball straight up the middle, get lost for a minute, and come out on the other side with a touchdown!”

I always love a good analogy; even if it isn’t football season yet!

Being an active participant in sports growing up, and a running back for the girls’ powderpuff football team, this motivational phrase brings back the memories of adrenaline-pumping, cold air in my lungs, and nothing but the goal post in front of me.

However, even though sometimes we might get a lucky fast-break from the commotion, it isn’t always fun and smooth sailing.

Most athletes can relate to the feeling of exhaustion and absolute discouragement after they’ve been pummeled constantly and can’t seem to get a break during a tough game.

It’s a lot like life, when we  take a beating every direction we turn and start to feel dizzy, losing focus of our goals and our passions.

Sometimes, instead of getting up after being shoved to the ground for the tenth time, we’d rather just stay down.

We diligently look for the openings, try to break loose and make a daring run toward the goal line; but it seems the opposition is somehow onto us, just one more step ahead, and our efforts are thwarted just inches before we’re in the endzone.

A smart coach will know when his players have had enough.

He knows they are tough. But he also knows they need a cool, refreshing drink, a rest on the bench, and a good pep talk.

Likewise, the Lord knows when our physical and mental capacities cannot take another blow.

In 1 Corinthians 10:13 we are assured God will not allow us to be given a trial more than what we can handle–He’ll call the time-out. Psalm 23:2-3 promises the Lord sits us down to rest and restores our souls and spirits when we’ve become weary. Then He encourages us to push on, to gain the victory and the reward He’s called us to, in Philippians 3:14.

And just like that, we’re back in the game.

Don’t waste your time sitting on the sidelines, drained and fatigued. Drink up God’s refreshments, let His Voice clear your head and guide you down the field, one yard line at a time, pushing through every blockade and lineman that rivals against you.

Visualize it, tuck your head down, lower that shoulder, and before you know it…touchdown.