Spiritually Speaking: It's the Little Things

Don’t you love when you have been in fellowship with a friend, and the very next sermon you hear hits on that exact topic?

I’m convinced the Lord listens to our conversations, and enjoys being included in them as often as we let Him in.

What about when your dog or other pet lovingly nudges you or lays their head in your lap after you’ve endured a rough day?

I know animals don’t have souls or a large intellect, but I don’t think God is beyond using them to comfort and communicate with us.

Or how about that sunrise and sunset God lets us witness?

In the least, it’s a call to appreciate His art. Soak it in. Take a breath. A new day is beginning, or a day is completed and He has carried us through it.

Here’s another thought, you know that appointment you’re late for due to traffic or other various factors?

I know it’s not the most consoling answer, but there’s a reason for it. You may never know it, but thank Him anyway, because He’s looking out for you.

Sometimes we may complain God doesn’t seem to care or hear our prayers and big issues. Bottom line is though, God wants to be involved in our lives. He already is, even when we don’t recognize Him.

But don’t you think the Lord would like to be appreciated for the little things He does?

Perhaps, if we start to take notice of the small blessings and ways He operates, God just may start showing us greater works and answers to big prayers, because He’ll finally have more of our attention.