Spiritually Speaking: Talented and Gifted

We all know those peoplethe ones we try not to hate because they’re so naturally good at everything.

Musically-minded, straight A’s, consistently creative, dancing divas, athletically agile…the list goes on.

They don’t just have many hobbies and interests—they excel at them. And they make it look so easy.

In school, there are students categorized under a program called “Talented and Gifted,” or TAG, who are given extra assignments and activities on top of their regular studies.

Really, none of us “unTAGged” students wanted more homework; yet we were secretly jealous that those in the program were not only purely brilliant and remarkably skilled but recognized for it too.

Though no matter how impressive these talents are to us, in God’s eyes, they may not always be the most useful or highly-esteemed.

In fact, some of the greatest gifts are those which are intangible and unseen.

1 Corinthians 12 tells how the body of believers is endowed with a wide range of talents and traits.

Characteristics such as kindness, the ability to make others laugh, and a willingness to help and serve unselfishly all count as gifts. I’d even argue they are far more beneficial in the long run of life.

Like a backstage crew during a special performance: Don’t be discouraged if your abilities aren’t as well-noticed, they are still appreciated and necessary.

Fortunately, God doesn’t play favorites. Whatever He’s given us, He intended for us to put to good use during our time here. 

Most of us are familiar with the parable of talents in Matthew 25:15, where it is explained some of God’s people are given only a few talents while others are given plenty.

Whether you’re given little or much, the requirements are the same: Perform to your fullest potential.

PS: If you don’t really know what your strengths are, the Lord would be thrilled to show you.