Until We Meet Again

You’re in a better place now—this is all we can say and we know that it’s true; 

But it only barely soothes the wound that’s caused by losing someone like you.

I only wish I had known you better, but we’ll have eternity for that one day.
Tears and tragedy bring togetherness and triumph; only God sees why it had to be this way.

I don’t understand why or how, all I know is I envy you now.

Your burdens have been discarded, and your smiles can forever glow;
We only cry because you so quickly departed, and the reason is so hard to know.

There is no doubt you will be greatly missed, and the space you leave, like a great abyss;

Although reality on earth is that you are gone, your memory and testimony will live on.

So save a seat for all of your friends—we can’t wait to join you when our own journey ends.

This is only a temporary goodbye; for we rest assured that soon we will meet you in the sky.

Tonto Natural Bridge park, Payson, Arizona
Dedicated to four beautiful souls: Jonathan, Sabrina, Levi, and Johanna, who made it to Glory ahead of us on 7/20/2014