War Cry

We cannot be caught resting;
It’s time to sharpen our swords.
The Enemy’s fire grows hotter–
He licks his lips for War.
We feel and hear the drum,
No longer faint or far;
Very soon the Lord will come,
To avenge our every scar.
Rumors are now reality,
But it’s all part of the plan.
Stand with me on the front line–
Too many have already ran.
This battlefield is bloodied
By those who lost the fight–
They traded in the Truth;
Couldn’t judge wrong from right.
If you’re on the Lord’s side,
Soldiers, guard your hearts.
Wear your armor proudly,
Keep up with the march.
Awaken the weary warriors,
The Adversary closes in;
He taunts and jeers to cause us doubt,
Yet we already know, we win.
Victory ahead, friends,
Victory is in view.
Yes, crowns and robes and riches await,
But what I hope to see There, is you.
Colosseum, Rome, Italy